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Highly experienced professional farrier covering the New Forest, Hampshire and Dorset borders, Southampton, Romsey and South of Winchester

Having been a professional farrier since the early 1980s, I have dedicated my working life to finding the best, most natural solutions for horse hoof and foot care.  I always come back to the simplest, most basic principles of the natural needs of the animal and I offer a holistic assessment of your horse based on a lifetime of experience and observation.

I work to the principle of Natural Balance and am a firm believer that, in most cases, your horse’s needs are best met by cold shoeing.

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I care for all equines, leisure and professional, from ponies to race horses.

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I spent a fortune trying to cure Freddie’s back problems.  When he was shod conventionally his hooves grew too long and narrow, every time he knocked his toes, his legs took a knock too and the concussion contributed to his back problems.  Once Rob shod Freddie with Cytek shoes, his back hooves could wear naturally, he didn’t drag his feet and his back problems disappeared!


With her 15-year-old Welsh Section B, Freddie

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